Parking Around Town

Rates & Enforcement Hours

 In much of the Downtown, the Waterfront and North Plymouth, there is paid and time-limited public parking.

Public parking regulations are enforced 365 days a year from 9am-7pm including Sundays and holidays.

Whenever/wherever payment is required at metered locations on streets  and in the parking lots, the cost is $1.50 an hour $2 an hour Memorial  Day thru Labor Day.

You risk getting a parking ticket if you neglect to pay for parking  at a metered location or you don’t observe posted time limits at any  parking location.

There will be NO paid parking from December 1, 2018  to March 31, 2019.

Both the metered and non-metered time-limited spaces are monitored by  enforcement personnel. Outside of the core areas of town, there is no  charge for public parking.

 Information provided by Park Plymouth.